Small Clubs Big Stories. Powered by Chevy.

In a unique collaboration US car giant Chevrolet, global music platform Vevo and Phil Griffin team up to create a new & original content series for the Vevo live music thread. Focused on what is it get big but stay humble the series brings breaking bands back to the very first venues they ever played in to re-imagine starting all over and reflect on the journey so far.

In season one Cage the Elephant, Allen Stone & Time Flies return to the venues of their youth to share memories, create stand alone exclusive music performances and speak openly and honestly about what it takes to be the best you can be.

In an industry first Chevy commissioned Small Clubs Big Stories with and for Vevo based on what the platform audience needed rather than from a storyboards or traditional commercial content approach. The aim was to engage Vevo Users organically and through films that spoke in their language and at their pace.