The Tempest, The Tides & Band Of Brothers

Sometimes its important just to surrender to The Tempest.

Over the Summer, watching the inspiring & emotional work of choreographer Paul Roberts performed at the Graduation Shows of London’s top dance schools, a unique collaboration was born.

Sitting in the heat of the stalls and watching the talent explode onstage, I felt both exhilerated by what I was seeing and inspired to help extend the life of the hard work, guts & determination of the students in front of me. A great artist once told me that “art is a process, not a product”, these words resonated and it seemed a shame that we rarely make beautiful things, anymore, just because we can.

I decided to listen to his wisdom, and when the right opportunities arose, act.

3 Films: The Tides, The Tempest & Band of Brothers offered that very special opportunity.

Created entirely with the guiding purpose that everyone would have the chance to learn from the experience, our ambition was to create in an environment of “can do” not “can we do”.
For this unusual & passion led project there was No client, No agenda and No end game, just an enthusiastic collective of young dancers, directors and editors and of course the intense beauty of the process.