I wont Stand Stand For It

It all started in 2011 when Phil Griffin & Jason Holzman of USA Network designed a simple T shirt with the banner “I Wont Stand For…”. We wanted to start a conversation about what tolerance was, how we all should be able took past the things that divide us and focus instead on the simple things that unite us all. Love, family, home and tolerance. At our sessions all over America our participants were invited to add there own word to the end of that short statement and wear in on there chest.
Once we had the T-shirts and the people we invited them to take a seat in sometimes quite unconventional places: the idea being, “whilst I wont stand for hate, I will sit for tolerance.”
At a group sit in in California, our 300 volunteers began conversations around the warehouse location that saw each of them look past skin, gender sexual preference or religion and start to see humanity.
This more than anything is what I Wont Stand for is all about
To quote the great Mahatama Ghandi ” our purpose in bringing these often fractured and disparate community members together was to truly try “to be the change we want to see in the world”

We have now hit a phenomenal 43 MILLION REACHED. See more films & content at the Charcters Unite website